The Motor Effect Experiment Set  F=BIL
The Motor Effect Experiment Set  F=BIL
The Motor Effect Experiment Set  F=BIL
The Motor Effect Experiment Set  F=BIL
The Motor Effect Experiment Set  F=BIL

The Motor Effect Experiment Set F=BIL

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The Motor Effect Experiment Set allows students to determine the Force on a Current Carrying Conductor in a Magnetic Field.

Designed by Physics Teacher Jacob Strickling (Taught High School Physics for 25 years)

The set is suitable for Senior Physics classes.

This set is NOT standalone and needs to be used in conjunction with one of our electricity sets and one of our electronic scales.

Alternatively you could use your own power supply and ammeter, however you would need one of our electronic scales.

The set includes:

2 timber copper rod holders

1  copper rod

1 set North and South magnet holders including super magnets

1 graphite rod (to use as a variable resistor)

2 jumper lead click connectors with alligator ends

1 3d printed loud speaker component

1 length enamelled copper wire to make loud speaker

1 downloadable worksheet with basic instructions

The set has a mass of 165 grams

The set is 17cm by 12cm by 3cm)

We believe this is the first set of its kind which allow students to quantitatively explore the interaction between a current carrying conductor in a magnetic field in a clear and visual way (Not like the ridiculous and convoluted current balances of old!!)

Syllabus Link - The Motor Effect

Inquiry question: Under what circumstances is a force produced on a current-carrying conductor in a magnetic field?


  • investigate qualitatively and quantitatively the interaction between a current-carrying conductor and a uniform magnetic field to establish: (ACSPH080, ACSPH081)    
    • conditions under which the maximum force is produced
    • the relationship between the directions of the force, magnetic field strength and current
    • conditions under which no force is produced on the conductor

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Maree L
Great value!

This little kit is great value for money and we are using it with our Year 12 Physics class. Being able to purchase the other components needed (balance and Electricity Kit) from one location is also convenient. Suitable for schools or home schoolers. Well put together kit.