About Us

Tiny Science Lab was developed by Australian Science Teacher Jacob Strickling.
Jacob has taught HighSchool Science for over 20 years.
In 2020 he decided to focus on his own business 'Make Science Fun'. This involved YouTubing, Science Carnivals and bringing hands-on Science to the homeschooling community.
Together with his wife Rachel, they commenced homeschooling their two youngest children. Jacob wanted his children to have the same (if not better!) hands-on Science opportunities as the students at regular school so he developed the Tiny Science Lab.
Jacob began hosting Science days for 12 homeschool students at a time using this newly developed equipment. It was so successful, and the students had such a great Science experience, Jacob with some of his friends and family have launched this new business to bring better hands-on Science experiences to the world! Introducing Tiny Science Lab Pty Limited.