Junior Physics Set

Junior Physics Set

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The Junior Physics Set is designed for upper Primary and Lower High School student.

It is currently suitable for schools and online classes as there are no teaching resources to accompany it. No lessons. No videos. Just equipment.

The Junior Physics Set consists of

1. Rigid plastic case 165mm by 120mm by 30mm

2. Sturdy foam insert to keep all the equipment in place

3. 15 cm plastic transparent ruler

4. Two 5ml syringes

5. Length of silicone tube to link the syringes

6. Retracting 1.5m tape measure

7. 20mm diameter steel ball

8. Plastic vial approximately half full of iron powder

9. Bar magnet

10. Wiggly chain toy

11. Plastic transfer pipette

Included (but not in the actual case) are

1. PVC plastic cylinder

2. Playing card

3. Coin

4. Large elastic band

5. Two 25cm balloons

6. Two straws

7. Length of string

Note - This product does not contain instructions.

When this set is purchased in multiples of TWELVE (eg for schools) then the carry case is included. 

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