Electricity Set for High School
Electricity Set for High School
Electricity Set for High School
Electricity Set for High School
Electricity Set for High School
Electricity Set for High School
Electricity Set for High School
Electricity Set for High School
Electricity Set for High School
Electricity Set for High School
Electricity Set for High School

Electricity Set for High School

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Our High School Electricity Sets are highly suitable for educational institutions and home educators alike. The pieces snap together forming easy to see electrical circuits.

 INCLUDED in this purchase is the 10 lesson workbook - downloadable pdf version 

This set has been created by Jacob Strickling, a Physics teacher of 25 years.

Each set is comprehensive, encompassing all the necessary equipment for conducting every electricity experiment from Years 7 to 10, as well as covering a significant portion of the HSC Physics Course electricity and magnetism experiments.

Furthermore, these sets do not rely on mains power, allowing for versatile usage in any setting.

We have received positive feedback indicating that 4 x AA batteries last an entire academic year in schools where the equipment sees regular use.

Teachers greatly appreciate this equipment as it eliminates tangled and perplexing wires. The user-friendly design facilitates easy troubleshooting of improperly set up circuits, aiding students in their understanding.

These sets have been specifically designed by us to complement our High School Electricity Course, targeting students aged 11 to 15.

To accompany the workbook is a 10 lesson, 5 hour YouTube video found on our 'Tiny Science Lab' YouTube channel - search 'Tiny Science Lab High School Electricity Course' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XhVYPQQF_AY

All up, it is expected students will take approximately 10 hours to complete the Course.

Jacob has over 25 years of teaching experience in the classroom as well as extensive experience bringing hands-on Science education to home educated students. His passion is to improve the hands-on practical Science experience for all students.

Testimonial from a respected Science Teacher

'This equipment is no novelty, it is real quality hands on education.T hanks for creating the product and sharing it with the rest of us.'

The set contains small parts which are choking hazards, along with a strong magnet

The click circuit connections allow a reliable teaching aid and this is the only set of its kind to come with 3 lightglobes and an ammeter and voltmeter (designed and made by us)

The set contains:

2 x Battery Holders (which when placed In series provide 6 volts)

1 x Button Switch

1 x Slide Switch

2 x carbon rods (perfect for use as variable resistors)

3 x Light Globe Holders

4 x 2.5v Light Globes (1 being a spare)

1 x Red LED Lamp

4 x 2 Click Connectors

2 x 3 Click connectors

2 x 4 Click connectors

2 x 5 Click Connectors

2 x Jump Connectors with Alligator clips - click connections

1 x Music chip (Plays 'Happy Birthday' to power loud speaker)

1 x Loud Speaker

1 x DC motor and helicopter blade

1 x 2 Ampere ammeter with clip connections

1 x 10 Volt voltmeter with clip connections

1 x Make your own electromagnet materials

1 x Make your own switch materials

1 x Make your own DC motor materials (Includes a super magnet)

1 x Make your own loudspeaker equipment

2 x Bar Magnets

1 x Super Magnet

1 x 1m Silicone tube (Use to conduct water flow experiments - electricity analogy)

10 x 5mm LED lights (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, White)

1 x Foam Infill to hold equipment

**4xAA batteries not included**

The Solar Panel is NOT included - but can be purchased separately and is perfect for renewable energy experiments.

Quite a few schools have been purchasing multiples of these Electricity Sets.

As each electrical piece has its own place in the sturdy infill, they are easy to keep neat and tidy.

Tiny Science Lab stocks all the parts separately so if anything goes missing it is easy to replace! Having said that, one of customers is a large public high school and they have 20 of these sets. At the end of each year they have been putting in an order circa $25 total for spare parts!

The sets can be easily moved from room to room and as they do not need mains power they can be used in any room.

The sets also store very neatly and can be stacked on top of each other.

The container is 350mm long by 265mm wide by 42mm thick.

Set has a weight of 0.92kg

Customer Reviews

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Thu H.
Great set for primary as well as highschool kids.

The set was packed very neatly and our children have been able to do various experiments with it. We have also joined the lessons for primary children that Jacob taught to use with the kit and have found the lessons wonderful. One of my kids had difficulties in learning so it has been great to use as a supplement with learning. Very quick delivery as well. I would give 6 stars if I can. Thank you.

David Lee
Excellent for acceleration students in stage 4 and 5

I have been teaching for more than 16 yrs and bought this for my year 10 acceleration student who is still in year 8 at the moment. This makes experimentation at home possible. By replacing the wires with buttons and battery pack-based power supply, it takes the headache of equipment problem out of the picture. This is a godsend, two thumbs up from me.

Karina Elliott
Electricity set

Prompt, well packaged, perfect kit for building lots of fun electrical circuits