Chemistry Set with Chemicals
Chemistry Set with Chemicals
Chemistry Set with Chemicals
Chemistry Set with Chemicals
Chemistry Set with Chemicals
Chemistry Set with Chemicals
Chemistry Set with Chemicals
Chemistry Set with Chemicals
Chemistry Set with Chemicals
Chemistry Set with Chemicals
Chemistry Set with Chemicals
Chemistry Set with Chemicals
Chemistry Set with Chemicals
Chemistry Set with Chemicals
Chemistry Set with Chemicals
Chemistry Set with Chemicals

Chemistry Set with Chemicals

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Our Chemistry Sets are exceptionally well-suited for both school and home-educated students, providing an ideal solution for a comprehensive hands-on chemistry experience.

Notably, these sets feature the world's first truly portable Bunsen Burner, offering remarkable versatility in practical experiments. The equipment provided is virtually identical to that found in regular high school science laboratories, albeit in a more compact form.

This innovative equipment is well on the path to revolutionise practical science in schools. Not only does it enhance the educational outcomes for students, but it also reduces chemical usage by approximately 90% and can lead to a substantial reduction of up to 50% in infrastructure costs associated with traditional science labs.

If you are a Head of Department, Business Manager, Principal, or a home-schooling parent searching for a cost-effective solution to provide exceptional hands-on chemistry experiences for your students without the need for a dedicated lab, look no further.

At the core of the Chemistry Set is the fully operational Bunsen Burner, which operates similarly to standard-sized burners found in high school science labs. It is powered by readily available butane gas, conveniently obtainable from stores such as Bunnings, Coles, Woolworths, or online platforms. A quick and effortless 5-cent refill provides approximately 23 minutes of Bunsen Burner usage.

In addition to the exceptional equipment, we offer the "Educational Golden Trifecta " Our in-house Science Educator, Jacob Strickling, has meticulously developed engaging hands-on Chemistry Practical Courses for both Year 7 and Year 8 students. The courses comprise a comprehensive workbook and 6 hours of video lessons. These courses are available for separate purchase, and each course offers approximately 50 hours of engaging content for students to explore.

Furthermore, our courses align tightly with V9.0 of the Australian Curriculum, ensuring a seamless integration into existing educational frameworks. It is worth noting that we highly recommend all students, regardless of their current year level, begin with the Year 7 course if they are new to chemistry practicals.

Upon purchase, an Introductory Course is included, providing a glimpse into the engaging content we offer. You will receive a link to download the 10-page workbook, complemented by a one-hour supporting video available on YouTube at the following link:

There is also an Expansion Set available to meet the needs of Year 11 and 12 Senior Chemistry Practicals.


'Best thing ever! My daughter loves everything about the chemistry set. She set it up and started doing experiments the same day it arrived in the post ! Chemistry has never been this fun. Thankyou!'

'You’ve created a monster!! He’s hooked. Loving it. The video format suits him perfectly as he hates zoom. I think all up we’ve been doing it for about 3hrs, re doing parts over and over just to be sure and only got to the testing what part of the flame is the hottest . The workbook is great, he’s actually checking his spelling and making sure he’s writing proper sentences too so covering more than science.'

'Our kids are loving the online chemistry course, and readily engaging with it… I’m amazed that our eldest son who has battled against science workbook work up until now is totally doing his best to complete it as he goes! Very exciting to see!! Thankyou for your engaging lessons!'

From Dr Col Harrison - Highly Esteemed NSW Lead Chemistry Teacher

Stop putting it off, get this wonderful set right now! As an experienced Science teacher Jacob knows what is both fun and educational. There is a small collection of chemicals which can be supplemented with many additions from around the home and this leads to a huge range of potential investigations. The tiny apparatus looks delicate but is robust and allows for the real Chemistry experience. I love my tiny Chemistry Set and can only encourage my colleagues and their students to grab your own set and let the fun begin.'

The set allows students to carry out all of the Chemistry experiments as found in general High School Science Text books.

The set contains:

1 x Tiny Science Lab table designed to house the Bunsen Burner. The table has folding legs and so can be stored flat.

1 x Sturdy plastic case with firm foam infill to snugly hold each piece of equipment.

1 x Refillable butane Bunsen Burner

1 x Metal tripod

1 x Wire gauze

2 x Heat proof mats (1 with hole for bunsen burner)

3 x 10ml Glass beakers

2 x 5ml Glass conical flasks fitted with rubber stoppers

1 x Rubber stopper fitted with glass tube (to fit conical flasks)

5 x Glass test tubes

1 x 5 ml Glass measuring cylinder

1 x Glass stirring rod

1 x Ceramic mortar and pestle

1 x Watch glass

1 x Tiny spoon (plastic)

1 x Plastic/resin chemical dish

1 x Stainless steel tweezers

1 x Slimline digital thermometer with immersible probe

1 x Portable scales (0.01 gram accuracy, Max load 100 grams))

1 x Test tube brush

1 x 2ml Plastic Transfer Pipette

1 x Retort Stand with Peg Fittings

1 x Small wooden peg (holds glass funnel and temperature probe)

1 x Large wooden peg (holds conical flasks and test tubes)

1 x 20ml Plastic container

1 x Bar magnet

3 x Small water balloons

2 x 26mm Diameter aluminium pans

2 x 25mm Diameter steel pans

1 x Silicone ice cube maker (can make 16 tiny icecubes)

3 x Filter Paper

1 x Length of silicone rubber hose

3 x Wooden splints

1 x Copper Sulfate, Iron/Sand/Salt mixture, Magnesium ribbons, Manganese Dioxide (small amount), Copper Oxide, Sodium Carbonate Decahydrate

1 x Pair of safety glasses

1 x 150ml Wash bottle

The table measures 51.5cm long by 25cm wide

The container is 350mm by 265mm by 42mm thick.

The total weight is 3kg.

The brief story behind these sets Jacob Strickling taught High School Science for 25 years and developed these sets out of necessity when he started home schooling his two youngest children. It soon became apparent that the equipment provided a fantastic hands-on practical experience and so Tiny Science Lab Pty Limited was established in order to help spread the joy of Science to the world.

Customer Reviews

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georgie chiu
Love love love it!!!!

Love! Love! Love the set! It’s soooooo cute & functional too! I still don’t know how you came up with these miniatures! It’s a must for homeschoolers that’s for sure! And loved the quick delivery too. Thank you again

Amy Witanowski
Outstanding Kit and Lessons!

We are so thrilled with the kit and lessons. It is certainly worth every penny. My 10 year old son has been deeply engaged and has been able to independently pace himself through the provided lessons. He loves using the equipment and I am impressed that every little science tool has a home which keeps it neat and organised.

Shirley Brownlaw
Very impressive!

We are very happy with our Chemistry set. The quality of each item is high and it contains everything we could possibly need to perform all the experiments. I would definitely recommend this set.

Elissa Hunter
Chemistry Set and yr7 Course

I was BLOWN away by the kit, course and communication from owner 🤍 Exceeded my expectations (and they were high and exited prior lol)
Could NOT recommend ENOUGH!
I also bought a test tube holder Incase we needed it for future experiments!
Quality is out of this world!
Tip- They except the back to school government vouchers!!!!

Thankyouuuuuu for providing such an awesome opportunity for families! We homeschool and the fact that my daughter won’t be missing out on the Schools Bunsen Burner is life changing!

Thank you Thankyou Thankyou xox

Ya-Ting Wu
It’s a fantastic set!

My son absolutely loves it!