Microscope - Classroom Student Microscope

Microscope - Classroom Student Microscope

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Not a Tiny Microscope if that is what you are thinking!

The microscope is a standard classroom size and stands 30cm high.

This microscope has its own built in battery powered LED lighting. This means no mains power is required and so you can use the microscope in any classroom.

They are ruggedly built for classroom and laboratory use.

The monocular head is inclined at 30 degrees and comes with a 10x and 25x eyepiece.

The objective lenses are 4x, 10x and 40x.

There are coarse and fine focussing wheels using a rack and pinion arrangement giving smooth and precise movements.

Includes a USB lead in the case you need to power it without batteries.

Also includes a dust cover.

Comes packaged in a polystyrene box to protect it during transport.