Electricity Set - With Extras!
Electricity Set - With Extras!
Electricity Set - With Extras!
Electricity Set - With Extras!
Electricity Set - With Extras!

Electricity Set - With Extras!

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Testimonial from a respected Science Teacher 'This equipment is no novelty, it is real quality hands on education.Thanks for creating the product and sharing it with the rest of us.'

This Electricity Set comes with all the click circuit components of our regular electricity set but with a number of other goodies such as a 'make your own' speaker and motor. It comes in a sturdy, long lasting case.

This set is NOT a toy and is for educational purposes only.

This set is suited for OVER 12 year olds. It is NOT recommended for children UNDER 12.

It contains small parts which are choking hazards, along with a strong magnet

Instructions are not included as it is designed to be used with a wide range of Science Text Books and online courses.

The click circuit connections allow a reliable teaching aid and this is the only set of its kind to come with 3 lightglobes and an ammeter and voltmeter.

This equipment allows students to do many of the Years 7 to 10 electricity experiments as well as many of the electricity experiments in Years 11 and 12 Physics.

It contains:

2 x Battery Holders (In series providing 6 volts)

1 x Button Switch and 1 x Slide Switch

3 x Light Globe Holders

4 x 2.5v Light Globes (1 being a spare)

1 x Red LED Lamp

4 x 2 Click Connectors

2 x 3 Click connectors

2 x 4 Click connectors

2 x 5 Click Connectors

2 x Jump Connectors with Alligator clips - click connections

1 x Music chip (Plays 'Happy Birthday' to power loud speaker)

1 x Loud Speaker

1 x DC motor and helicopter blade

1 x 2 Ampere Ammeter with clip connections

1 x 10 Volt Voltmeter with clip connections

1 x Make your own electromagnet materials

1 x Make your own switch materials

1 x Make your own DC motor materials (Includes a super magnet)

1 x Make your own loudspeaker equipment

2 x Bar Magnets

1 x Super Magnet

1 x 1m Silicone tube (Use to conduct water flow experiments - electricity analogy)

1 x 10cm Graphite Rod (Use as a variable resistor)

1 x Foam Infill to hold equipment

**4xAA batteries not included**

The container is 350mm by 265mm by 42mm thick.

It has a weight of 0.92kg