Electricity Set for the Classroom
Electricity Set for the Classroom
Electricity Set for the Classroom
Electricity Set for the Classroom

Electricity Set for the Classroom

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This Electricity Set is designed for classroom use and contains all the necessary equipment for HighSchool electricity experiments. It uses a reliable system of click connections so that students don't get confused by tangled wires. This set features 3 x lightglobes and an ammeter and voltmeter, allowing students to design series and parallel circuits and take quantitative measurements.

Testimonial - Maddy Carr Science Teacher 'My students absolutely loved learning about electrical circuits using this clip/snap circuit kit. My students were more engaged and had greater understanding of how circuits work. The sets are easy to assemble, pack up and were more reliable. I would absolutely recommend these sets.'

Set includes:

2 x battery holders (In series providing 6 volts)

1 x button switch and 1 x slide switch

3 x lightglobe holders and 4 x 2.5v light globes (1 being a spare)

1 x red LED lamp

4 x 2 click connectors, 2 x 3 click connectors, 2 x 4 click connectors, 2 x 5 click connectors

2 x Alligator clip - click connections

1 x Music chip (Plays Happy Birthday to power loud speaker)

1 x Loud speaker

1 x DC motor and helicopter blade

1 x 2 Ampere Ammeter with clip connections

1 x 10 Volt Voltmeter with clip connections

1 x Foam infill to hold equipment

**4xAA Batteries not included**

When a single set is purchased, an empty tray is included in the container (This tray can be used for additional storage).

When double sets are purchased they come as a pair in the container.

Trays measure 240mm wide by 340mm long by 60mm high.

Twin vertical container measures 255mm wide by 345mm long by 140mm high.