Chemistry Set with Large Table for Schools
Chemistry Set with Large Table for Schools
Chemistry Set with Large Table for Schools
Chemistry Set with Large Table for Schools
Chemistry Set with Large Table for Schools

Chemistry Set with Large Table for Schools

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NOTE - This Chemistry Set is currently being supplied with the Large A-Grade Marine Plywood Table.

This amazing Chemistry Set is designed for use by High School students from Years 7 to 10 and is recommended for SCHOOL purchases.

It is also suitable for many experiments in Senior Chemistry.

This product is NOT suitable for children under the age of 11.

This Chemistry Set is going to change how hands-on Science is taught in schools.

By incorporating Tiny Science Lab equipment with other regular equipment - Schools will no longer need full wet labs. Simply ONE Sink, Waste and Safety Shower are required in a room for students to be able to complete ALL Science experiments in years 7 to 10.

Designed to be used in regular General Purpose Classrooms. No lab benches, gas, water taps or waste sinks are required.

The Bunsen Burner is powered by butane gas and a single refill lasts for over 20 minutes. A school student can refill them in about 5 seconds and the cost of a refill is about 5 cents!

Apart from its small size, the Bunsen Burner is almost indistinguishable from its regular size counterpart.

The Chemistry Set allows for a more intimate, hands-on experience for students. For classes with less than 15 students we recommend ONE set per student. For classes with more than 15 students we recommend that TWO students share a set.

The Chemistry Set allows practical work to be done more efficiently and far more safely. Less chemicals are used which will save money on consumables.

The set contains

Large stackable table 515mm long, 250mm wide and 35mm thick with legs folded up.

1x refillable butane Bunsen Burner with tripod and wire gauze

2 x heat proof mats

3 x 10ml beakers, 2 x 5ml conical flasks, 5 x testtubes, 5 ml measuring cylinder, glass stirring rod, watch glass, crucible with lid, mortar and pestle, 2 x rubber stoppers, rubber stopper fitted with glass tube, tiny spoon, 2 x chemical dishes, stainless steel tongs and scissors.

All the glassware is high quality Borosilicate glass.

When it is time for students to do Chemistry , they take the stackable table and Chemistry Set to their regular classroom table and can do their experiments in their normal learning space. If the experiment is going to produce excessive smoke or noxious gases it is even possible to use the Chemistry Sets outside.

Tiny Science Lab has a range of auxiliary equipment to suit these sets including digital thermometers, retort stands, test tube rack, test tube brushes, wash bottles and even tiny ice cube makers!

The tray holding the equipment measures 340mm long, 240mm wide and 58mm high. It stows under the table when in use for quick retrieval of equipment.

When purchased singularly it will come with a spare empty tray (which can used for additional storage) housed in a twin vertical container measuring 255mm wide by 345mm long by 140mm high.

Total weight of table, tray and container is 3.5 kg.

All of the parts in this Chemistry Set are available separately on our store.