SOLD OUT - Junior Chemistry Set AND Live Zoom Course (5 lessons)
SOLD OUT - Junior Chemistry Set AND Live Zoom Course (5 lessons)
SOLD OUT - Junior Chemistry Set AND Live Zoom Course (5 lessons)

SOLD OUT - Junior Chemistry Set AND Live Zoom Course (5 lessons)

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ALL TICKETS SOLD OUT - Never fear we will run this popular event soon!

This 'Product' includes the Junior Chemistry Set AND a Zoom Online Course with Jacob Strickling (consisting of 5 x one hour lessons)

Tuesday's 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th August at 9:00am to 10:00am (AEST)

If you require more than one Junior Chemistry Set per household for this course these can be purchased separately for $45 per set.

The Junior Chemistry Set includes:

1. Storage container 9cm wide by 20cm long

2. Quality foam infill

3. Digital thermometer in a 3d printed case (colour may vary from illustration)

4. 10ml glass beaker

5. 5ml glass beaker

6. 10cm glass stirring rod

7. 50ml plastic container

8. 2.5cm diameter steel pan (x2)

9. 10ml glass conical flask

10. Rubber stopper to fit conical flask

11. Resin dish

12. Tiny metal spoon

13. Plastic funnel

14. Plastic specimen bottle

15. Silicone tiny ice cube maker  (16 cubes)

16. 5ml plastic syringe

17. small Orbeez (x20)

18. Large Orbeez (x3)

19. Filter paper (x3) (separate to storage container)

20. 3ml plastic pipette (separate to storage container)

21. 1m silicone air tube (separate to storage container)

22. A 5 page digital work booklet which will be emailed separately and will need printing out.

The equipment has been especially selected to be used in this online course.

To fully participate in the course you will need to supply these simple things from around the home. (You will be advised which extras are required each week)



*Pepper grinder with pepper

*Washing up liquid

*Food colouring

*30 cm ruler and a pile of books (30cm high)

*Drinking glass

*Hot water

*Bicarb Soda


*Flowers from the garden

*Stopwatch (usually on an ipad or mobile phone)

*Calculator (usually on an ipad or mobile phone)

We would NOT recommend purchasing this product if you do not intend participating in the online zoom class as it does not come with any instructions.


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Yvette Willmot
Always engaging

This is the third tiny science course that my kids have done online with Jacob. Once again they are loving it and look forward to each lesson. Jacob communicates so well over zoom. It is really a blessing to have these science classes available to the homeschool community. Thanks Jacob!

sarah botting

My kids are absolutely loving their chemistry set! And the learning that comes with it!